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  • Goodbye G.I.
In the fall of 2013, the US Army has closed one of their largest garrisons in Germany after 67 years: the US Army Garrison Baden-Württemberg – including their beloved centerpiece, Heidelberg. More than 18,000 Army members in the Heidelberg-Mannheim area were resettled. A historic moment.

This move brings an essential chapter in the book of German-American relations to and end. But what does it actually mean for all those leaving Baden-Württemberg and Germany? What does it mean for their German neighbors, friends, lovers and business partners?

GOODBYE G.I. is a film about the US Army leaving Western Germany, focusing on Heidelberg’s Patrick Henry Village as one example. It is a film about the end of the occupation, about friendships and barbed wire, the Cold War, anti-war-protest, about love stories, farewells, leaving behind and holding tight.

This film was developed as part of the arts project GOODBYE G.I.

Writers and directors

Agnes Lisa Wegner
Uli Gaulke

Director of photography

Sebastian Bäumler


Catrin Vogt

Sound recording

Oliver Stahn
Alex Rubin
Christoph Schilling

Music score

The Kilaueas

Commissioning Editor

Gudrun Hanke-el Ghomri

Executive producers

Christoph Holthof
Daniel Reich
kurhaus production