Sunset over Hollywood (co-director)2018

  • Sunset over Hollywood (co-director)
  • Sunset over Hollywood (co-director)
  • Sunset over Hollywood (co-director)
  • Sunset over Hollywood (co-director)
In the Northern part of Los Angeles, at the end of Mulholland Drive in Woodland Hills, there is a very special place: Hollywood's senior home. This is where those who once were the backbone of the industry spend their retirement years: the big and smaller stars as well as those totally unknown, actors and directors, producers, editors, makeup artists and set designers, DOPs, writers, composers.

However, old age cannot dim their creative energy. At their in-house studio, they keep creating new ideas, they work with passion and shoot films, and during breaks they write their memoires. SUNSET OVER HOLLYWOOD shares these heroes' and heroines' memories, hopes and dreams both in and behind the lime light.

An entertaining and touching documentary about never-ending creativity, about love and loss and sunset years on the hills of Hollywood.

–Hof International Film Festival 2018
–Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2018


Uli Gaulke


Uli Gaulke
Marc Pitzke


Agnes Lisa Wegner

Director of photography

Axel Schneppat


Andrew Bird


Oliver Stahn


Mark Orton

Executive producer

Sebastian Storm


Stefanie Plattner
Ekrem Ergün

Commissioning editor

Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri


Helge Albers (Achtung Panda!)
Arne Birkenstock (Fruitmarket Filmproduktion)