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August 2016. Thirteen-year-old Anwar from Syria arrives in Germany. Four years earlier, he and his family had escaped the war in their home country. After years spent under dire conditions in a refugee camp in Turkey, the family now arrives in Berlin: Anwar, his three younger brothers, two little sisters and their parents. The family spends six months in Berlin trying to look for a permanent home. After many ups and downs but still without a place to stay, the family moves to the Bavarian town of Marktoberdorf. Here, they finally find an apartment. Soon, Anwar feels at ease in the small town. However, new challenges cross his way all the time.

We accompany Anwar over two years. We are with him as he arrives in Germany step by step. With him, we experience what integration means – with all the highs and lows, the hopes and setbacks.

Anwar’s memories take him back to Syria. He often pushes away the images of the war that are etched on his mind. Sometimes, however, he sits down and lets them flow down on paper. In our film, Anwar’s drawings turn into sensitively animated
sequences. His memories turn to life.

All six episodes of this documentary series are available in the ARD media library. See link above.

–Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF)
–26. Deutsches Kinder-Medien-Festival Goldener Spatz 2018

Writer and director

Agnes Lisa Wegner

Directors of photography

Sebastian Bäumler
Donni Schoenemond
Steffen Bohnert
Manja Wolff


Alex Bakri

Sound recording

Oliver Stahn


Annabell Huckele


Jürgen Kamlofsky


Meriem Rebai

Head of production

Martha Swierkot

Commissioning editors

Stefanie von Ehrenstein
Claudia Schwab
Oliver Neitzel

Executive producers

Christoph Holthof
Daniel Reich
kurhaus production